Quizzes have become one of those trends that make rounds in different life aspects: education, entertainment, business, and of course marketing. Quizzes used for education engage students in the learning process and encourage them to learn from their own mistakes. Have you ever passed a “Which slice of pizza are you” type of quiz? Those are the quizzes that entertain people (and consume your precious time).

Literally, not a single marketing specialist leaves quizzes out of their strategy. Quizzes are multi-pronged tools when it comes to marketing and are a great way to add interactive content to blog posts. In most cases, quizzes help us get opinions on the product we are displaying and connect with your audience. Which means you get the most valuable insights into how your customers react to your product or services.

How to Use WordPress Quizzes as a Marketing Strategy

So, how can you harness the power of quizzes as a part of your marketing strategy? Let’s get into some quick tips you can use to get started creating your quiz and making the most of it to grow your business.

Define a Quiz Goal

The base of any reliable and operating strategy is the goal you set. With this said we have to understand how exactly to use quizzes as a part of marketing strategy. After all, it’s your goal that forms the vision on how to function. So first define your goal. To define the goal can be associated with planning your quiz. Before putting your quiz out to light, always fully  form its content. However, the planning process is very individual and there is not much to say about that part.

Choose a Quiz Format

As I have already mentioned, quizzes are a full life package. From assessment types of quizzes to personality quizzes, all can be put in use and benefit from if it fits your brand and what you represent so our second step is to choose the right format.

Let’s take a look to some of the most popular quiz types.

  • One Page Quizzes: Those are mostly used for a quick assignment you want to complete, they do not involve anything fancy, just some proper questions that would help you get the data you want in the shortest period of time. They are more engaging as the user already sees the content, thus knows what to expect and how much time it would take him/her to pass it.
  • Multistep Quizzes: Like a one page quiz, these are typically fairly simple except instead of presenting questions all at once you can require a users to complete questions or tasks one at a time.
  • Personality Quizzes: It would be a surprise to me to know that you have never passed a personality quiz or at least came across one. The reason they are so popular is that they are the most shareable form of content. People like to find out about themselves, even if the source is not quite accurate and just by adding some rewarding outcome you will probably get them to share your quiz.
  • Scored Quizzes: The concept of these types is similar to online tests and assessments. To create one you simply need to assign a score to each of your questions and VOILA! Of course the subject or the field you choose for the quiz is also very important. If you have noticed many quizzing platforms including BuzzFeed present separate sections for Geography tests. This means that this particular field performs well among users. So you might also try that one out!

Promote Your Quiz

Best Social Proof WordPress Plugins

What better way to get to people than to promote your quiz in the most representative way. Try promoting them via social media and on your blog. Depending on the purpose of your quiz you can display them on the different segments of your blog.

Perhaps a mini quiz on whether or not your readers like your articles, or a whole questionnaire on the new product for future progress.

Newsletters might sound annoying, however, embedding quizzes in them can be a great way to distract, entertain and get the desired information. You can do so using any WordPress Popup Plugin that allows embedding quizzes in them, or has a simple shortcode type.

Lastly, do not spend time creating different campaigns you can just take advantage of paid ads and let them promote your quiz for you.

Generating Leads with Quizzes

The purpose of quizzes in marketing strategy is mostly lead generation. And to do so you must be able to catch the eye of the audience you want to target and analyze. Lead Generation is the defined goal for integrating quizzes in your marketing strategy. Now if you plan on involving the whole world in your big quizzing plan, then you are most probably going to fail. Try to make your quiz as personalized and individual as possible. Now the audience you are speaking to. This way you might not engage thousands of people at once, however, you will get the most targeted and accurate result. The creation of a lead-generating mechanism goes through the following stages:

  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Samples
  • Conversion

Raise Awareness Using Quizzes

The best examples of raising awareness via quizzes are trivia or logic quizzes. This type of quiz might help you pursue people to take action. To get your readers’ attention you must choose the most relevant titles on the hottest topics around your target audience. You can make a quiz that would check people’s knowledge of the targeted industry, thus raising awareness and offering new pieces of information.

These are great examples of how to alert, educate and make people aware of a situation by using a simple quiz. Awareness quizzes are very connected to educational ones, the difference is that they cover nearly any topic, you just need to use your imagination.

Educate Your Audience with Quizzes

Quizzes are now considered to have greater value and impact on the education system than old-fashioned paper exams and tests. Students get highly engaged in the process of their learning by regularly taking quizzes and getting instant feedback. Using quizzes in the educational system has become the innovative actualization of the saying “to learn from their own mistakes”. In recent years many LMS platforms came forward with the rising popularity of online learning. There are tons of plugins, supporting the LMS community. Many WordPress LMS plugins offer quiz making tools as well.

Learndash Quizzes

For example, LearnDash offers advanced quiz options for time limits, hints, media and more all built-in. It is very important to pay attention details such as being able to generate certificates, display leaderboards and accurately review the statistics, when it comes to educational quizzes. So your goal must be finding a tool that would involve all of the mentioned basics.

The same goes for the consumers. Display quizzes that educate them on the products you are offering.

This could be an assessment quiz. Assessment quizzes cover nearly any topic. Many employers use this as a way to carry out pre-interview exams with potential job candidates. The main feature of these quizzes is the mentioned instant feedback. This way readers get answers to their questions on the spot.

Product Recommendation quizzes are the most commonly used types. These tools do not only offer so-called online assistance to lead the customers to the desired product but also collect valuable data that helps the vendors with future development. Building an email list is one of the very least advantages of these quizzes.

How to Master Your Lead Generation Strategy

After you successfully come up with a campaign that has the rightful goal, which is generating leads, you must as well start developing that strategy. In the process of creating one certain strategy, you come up with various ideas that could end up working even better.

So why not take the chance and try them! You can use quizzes as a way to find out the best lead samples. Keep in mind that to do so you need to find a WordPress quiz plugin that will store the data accurately, and will give you the ability to analyze the results from different points.

Create three quiz samples and use them for the same target audience. Retarget the ones who engage the most with your content. Or you can create absolutely different quiz samples and track each of their data to see which got through to your readers the most. This will help you to redesign and repurpose your strategy in the most useful way.

Conversion Is the Base of Lead Generation

Many people mistake conversion as one of the lead generation types, or perhaps something equivalent. This is not necessarily the truth. The definition of conversion is to get someone to take action. This means generating leads is the following action that comes only after you succeed in making a high conversion. After the conversion process, people turn into leads meaning they take the desired action which can be giving their email or some other data. And this process is only the start and the base of the whole marketing purpose.

The Quizzes that include fun information and which tend to boost the readers confidence and by one come up with share-worthy results, are the ones providing the highest conversion. BuzzFeed Quizzes are vivid examples of those types. The success of BuzzFeed quizzes is the smart combination of quizzes and social sharing buttons. And it’s certainly a technique that any WordPress site can implement as a part of their marketing strategy.

Do’s and Don’t of Creating a Quiz

Do’s and Don’t of Creating a Quiz

Now let’s get more practical and recap what to keep in mind when designing a quiz. Keep in mind the goal you have. Think of a title that would be challenging enough. Then start with the questions. Remember to create general questions mostly, do not use figurative language, and long sentences. The same goes for the answers. Make them simple, short, and sweet. Always use a plugin that will allow you to add social buttons, as I have mentioned earlier that is the best way to get higher conversion. Do not forget that the most important part is the outcome itself so be attentive to the email customization options of the plugin you choose. Always positively present the outcomes. Something that would be the combination of both confronting and informative.

Making a quiz can be fun and also easy with the help of a plugin. However, if your purpose is not only entertainment but also data collection, your quiz must be well-thought out. So be sure to also use these tips on what to do and what to avoid doing while making a quiz.


  • Come up with valuable instant feedback for the wrong answers.
  • Make your quizzes personalized and speak in the first person.
  • Use visual content to minimize the reading.
  • Define the question count.
  • Use up to 5 answer choices.


  • Use incomplete sentences as a way of question formation.
  • Make the answer choices in completely different structures.
  • Make negative questions.
  • Mess up the numerical order of the answers.
  • Form questions with absolute words (never, always, etc.)

Coming up with a great marketing strategy using quizzes is not an easy task and the chances to make it work out will increase if you go through all these stages and pay attention to the process of its creation. Individual approach is the key but in the great diversity, it is also not an easy task. However, all the tips mentioned are some real examples that people use and succeed. So hurry up! Be innovative and start using quizzes as your new marketing plan today. Well, or maybe  tomorrow.

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