WordPress as a Scalable Enterprise-Level Solution

The online business world is like a vast ocean, and large-scale enterprises are the biggest fish that swim in that ocean. However, just because you’re a bigger fish than everyone else doesn’t mean you can’t struggle against the tide. On the contrary, enterprise businesses face greater challenges as they have higher technical demands for their websites.

For many years, it was common for large-scale companies to rely on the priciest web solutions in order to ensure the highest quality for their end-users. Yet lately, enterprises have realized that the modern digital landscape requires a more innovative, adaptable, and scalable approach to web development. Enter WordPress.

Many enterprises have already chosen WordPress as the most solid foundation for their online business operations. The reason? Not only is WordPress the most popular content management system in the world, but the platform is also one of the most scalable solutions you can invest in.

In this article, we’ll talk about the unique demands of enterprise-level websites and we’ll discuss the challenges enterprises face when building their sites. Then, of course, we’ll explore the biggest benefits of using WordPress as a scalable enterprise-level solution. Let’s begin!

What Differentiates Enterprise Websites?

What Differentiates Enterprise Websites?

In a business-related context, the term “enterprise” usually refers to a large, often international company. It is common for enterprise organizations to generate greater revenue figures since they are global in scope.

Running an international business is no easy task, meaning there should be no compromise when it comes to web development. After all, an enterprise organization needs a first-class website (or websites) that can acquaint the world with the products or services they provide. Remember that a high-quality website is one of the most important assets any online business can invest in.

With that being said, enterprise websites are characterized by their ability to handle significant amounts of traffic. Furthermore, enterprise sites usually include elements such as:

  • Multilingual content
  • Smaller microsites
  • Complex access requirements

With the ruthless competition among online businesses, it is only natural that enterprise websites have higher demands. Because the stakes are so high, large-scale companies require a reliable, secure, and robust CMS that doesn’t sacrifice performance even in the face of heavy traffic.

What’s more, enterprise websites should be further optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) since search rankings play a significant part in the income an online business generates.

Apart from that, most enterprises also have a large, distributed workforce, meaning that their websites can benefit greatly from additional collaborative features that can streamline processes.

Given all of these unique characteristics of enterprise websites, you’d be justified in wondering, “Is WordPress enterprise-ready?”. After all, these types of websites are extraordinarily ambitious projects.

Thankfully, there is absolutely no question that WordPress can be used as a highly advanced technological solution for powering enterprise-level websites. In fact, a lot of well-known brands, including the Walt Disney Company, are already employing WordPress as their CMS of choice.

Now that you know what sets enterprise websites apart from other not-so-demanding projects, let’s look at some of the challenges enterprises face when developing their sites. This way, we can better highlight the undeniable advantages WordPress can offer to enterprise companies.

Challenges Enterprises Face When Building Their Websites

Challenges Enterprises Face When Building Their Websites

The modern digital landscape is highly dynamic, which means that enterprise organizations are in a constant race with competitors to try and meet the ever-growing expectations of digital users. With so many new technologies and digital experiences available today, adopting an adaptable business mindset is a must and that mindset should be translated to your website too.

The good news is that staying afloat and confidently swimming in this dynamic ocean of constant innovation is a mission possible with the help of WordPress. The CMS has already proved its superiority over pricier, proprietary solutions mainly thanks to its flexible and scalable nature. The platform offers exceptional security and reliability while also enabling the creation of interactive, customised, and intelligent websites.

It goes without saying that all of these key web development components are top priorities for enterprise companies looking for a robust foundation for their high-traffic websites. Remember that the quality of the digital experiences that online users have depends heavily on the content management system a company utilizes. Again, no compromise can be made, especially when talking about large-scale businesses.

Speed is yet another crucial matter that enterprise organizations need to figure out. Since time is people’s most valuable resource, it is of utmost importance for enterprise websites to be as fast as lightning. You should know that people’s attention span has decreased in recent years as a result of our hectic daily lives. Similarly, consumer patience has also diminished, making it hard for businesses to keep up and respond to market demand.

When it comes to online experiences, customers typically expect everything to be instantly accessible whenever they want it. These complex dynamics between businesses and end-users are responsible for the substantial transformation the CMS landscape has undergone in recent years.

In fact, many enterprises have adopted the multiple CMSs approach as this is the best way to meet and exceed their customers’ quick-paced digital demands. WordPress itself is putting the spotlight on new technologies and innovative approaches that can enhance web development and design, making it a viable option for organizations in search of future-proof solutions.

Although traditional CMS usage is still widespread, more and more big enterprises are adopting innovative strategies like headless configurations. These inventive approaches to web development complement conventional techniques and offer cutting-edge technology solutions. Remember that, in the context of enterprise businesses, more innovation equals more benefits which, in turn, leads to greater profit.

Benefits of Using WordPress as a Scalable Enterprise-Level Solution

Benefits of Using WordPress as a Scalable Enterprise-Level Solution

As it was made clear, enterprise organizations require higher technological standards that should be applied to web development. Enterprise websites, after all, are intricate ecosystems made up of several subdomains and subsites.

Large-scale enterprises are turning more and more to WordPress since the platform offers innovative and scalable digital solutions capable of keeping up with the fast-paced digital landscape.

Overall, WordPress is super scalable, secure, and really powerful in terms of content management. The CMS is SEO-friendly right out of the box, making it a comprehensive and highly configurable solution for enterprise-level websites.

In the next few points, we’ll explore some of the biggest benefits you can experience when using WordPress as an enterprise CMS.

1. Open Source Means Greater Possibilities

Open Source Means Greater Possibilities

One of WordPress’ biggest strengths lies in the fact that the platform has an incredible community of users and contributors. WordPress is open-source software, and as such, everyone is welcome to use it and join the core development team.

Platforms like WordPress can sometimes have a bad reputation because of their publicly available source code. However, thanks to the large number of professionals, who are continually improving the CMS, errors in WordPress are quite rare.

Of course, no technology is immune to vulnerabilities, but the open-source nature of WordPress makes it superior to closed software products. Keep in mind that WordPress is a project that many people across the world are passionate about, so any security flaws may be fixed in a matter of hours. Proprietary content management systems rarely address problems so fast.

Enterprise organizations can also take advantage of the support that comes with open-source software. You can rely on the WordPress community Support Forum but for immediate help you might look for expert assistance that various agencies on the market can provide. This ensures that you’re not confined in any way and can find the support that best meets your business’s demands.

2. WordPress Has the Capacity to Manage Frequent Updates

WordPress Has the Capacity to Manage Frequent Updates

Enterprise businesses require robust websites that can sustain constant updates. Remember that updates are necessary for any website that strives to stay on top of the most recent trends and developments.

WordPress is a platform that always incorporates the latest tech solutions, making it a solid option for enterprise sites. With updates that are being rolled out on the regular, you can rest assured that bugs will be fixed in a timely manner, and the platform will be overall optimized so you can scale it on demand. Additionally, the CMS is constantly adding integrations for new platforms and devices, which is super important for enterprises.

3. Plugins and Integrations Make Maintenance a Breeze

Plugins and Integrations Make Maintenance a Breeze

Enterprise websites require ongoing maintenance to function as efficiently as possible. This necessitates updating any plugins and third-party integrations. WordPress has some really useful features, such as the automatic plugin updates, that make this process easier for large-scale organizations.

To enable this feature simply go to your plugins page from the WordPress dashboard and click the “enable auto-updates” option next to individual plugins you’ve installed from WordPress.org. That’s it! For premium, third party plugins auto-updates may be different. For example, plugins purchased from CodeCanyon utilize the Envato toolkit for updates.

What’s more, WordPress works perfectly with the finest analytics and content marketing integrations, helping enterprises automate every aspect of their digital marketing activities. For instance, enterprise companies can benefit from integrating tools like MailChimp and Google Analytics into their WordPress websites.

4. Easily Publish Content and Manage Media

Easily Publish Content and Manage Media

Enterprise businesses need a CMS that streamlines the process of large-scale media management. WordPress has no competition in this regard. The WordPress CMS publishing platform was meticulously designed in a way that allows enterprise companies to take their storytelling to the next level.

WordPress has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for enterprise businesses to manage visual content and important documents. Additionally, the CMS supports a variety of media formats, which enables companies to tell their stories in the way they want.

Enterprises are increasingly opting for WordPress since the platform makes it easy for internal teams to manage big amounts of media in a straightforward way. You should know that other enterprise software solutions are either not intended for content distribution or aren’t primarily focused on it. So if you want a platform that can keep up with the latest best practices associated with content management, WordPress is the way to go.

Remember that consistently creating and publishing insightful content is one of the best ways to draw traffic to your site as well as generate and convert leads. When it comes to enterprise-level content management, WordPress is up to any task and can help you present your content in the best possible light.

5. Multisite and Multilingual Capabilities

Multisite and Multilingual Capabilities

Enterprises usually need a CMS that can run multiple websites at once since they have extensive digital portfolios. WordPress can successfully address this specific demand thanks to its multisite capabilities.

All you need is a single WordPress installation that can take care of the many digital assets you’re managing. This saves time and server resources, while also ensuring the satisfaction of end-users. Additionally, the multisite functionality of WordPress allows enterprise companies to access and transfer data between their numerous websites more easily.

Enterprise organizations looking for a CMS that supports multisite capabilities usually need multilingual functionality as well. This is due to the fact that these types of businesses tend to operate on a global scale, meaning that they target a much larger, multilingual audience.

In that regard, you should know that a large part of the Internet’s user base prefers to engage with content in their native language. So creating a multilingual website becomes an absolute necessity for enterprise businesses, and WordPress can be the perfect solution.

Thanks to its incredible potential for scalability, WordPress is the most powerful superhero in the CMS market. Large-scale enterprise organizations can definitely reap a lot of benefits if they invest in a custom-made WordPress website that can cater to their specific objectives.

Remember that innovation and progress are the cornerstones of the WordPress community, so the values imbued into the platform are very much in-line with the fast-paced nature of enterprise businesses. All of this makes WordPress a superb and future-proof enterprise-level solution.