Pocket and WordPress.com: Saving and Sharing Made Easy

Working with our pals at Pocket — a service that lets you save articles, longreads, and other media like videos that you find on the web — we’re happy to announce you can easily save content on WordPress.com and Jetpack-powered self-hosted sites, which you can enjoy later on your computer or touch devices. You can also share saved content on your sites, right from Pocket on your iPhone and iPad.

Save WordPress.com posts to read later

With our Pocket and WordPress.com integration, you can send WordPress.com posts to Pocket, and make it easy for your readers to file away your posts so they can revisit them when they have time. Under the Sharing Buttons section on the Settings → Sharing panel in your dashboard, you can enable various buttons so your readers can share or send your stuff across the internet, from Google+ to Path and more.

To activate the Pocket button, drag it into the Enabled Services section (and don’t forget to scroll down the page and click Save Changes).

Enabled Sharing Buttons

Displayed at the bottom of your posts (and/or pages) when viewing from a web browser, the Pocket button allows your readers to easily save your content:

Send to Pocket

For Pocket users who organize saved content with tags, you can tag a post so you can find it quickly in your Pocket account later.

If you read posts in the WordPress.com Reader on a touch device — from your phone to your tablet — you can save posts easily. Just locate the send/share icon and then click on the Pocket button.

post in reader

Publish posts with Pocket content on your WordPress.com site

You can share articles and videos you’ve saved in Pocket with your site readers. While viewing an item in Pocket, locate the send/share icon on your screen:

saved post in pocket

If you’re sharing content for the first time, you’ll be asked to sign in to your WordPress.com account:

authorize screen

Users with multiple sites will be asked to select a site to connect in the drop-down menu or enter its URL in the field. (Currently, you can connect to one site at a time.) Then, click the blue Authorize button.

Once you’ve authorized Pocket, you can choose WordPress.com from among various services:

wordpress option

If you don’t see WordPress.com listed on this page, don’t fret! Click the More button underneath the icons to see more options — you may have to scan a list of services.

Before sending the item to WordPress.com, you can tweak settings for the post: its title and slug, the post’s status (published, private, draft, or pending), and whether or not you want to activate Publicize:

send to wordpress settings

At the bottom under Post, you can add your own content:

custom post

Then, click Send to WordPress, and voilà: you’ll see a message that it was successfully saved, and depending on the status you specified, the post will publish on your blog (or a draft will be saved in your dashboard).

We’re happy to bring you this feature for your iPhone and iPad (and if you’re an Android user, we hope you’re already enjoying this sharing tool on your device).

Jetpack users enjoy Pocket and WordPress integration, too

WordPress.org users that have Jetpack installed on their self-hosted sites can share content from within the Pocket app to their sites, too. You must have the JSON API module enabled. Just sign in with your WordPress.org account to connect your site, and follow the sharing steps above.

In addition to sharing content on your Jetpack-enabled site, Jetpack Sharing allows you to add a Pocket button so your readers can save your posts as well.

If you have more questions about these features on your self-hosted site, visit the Jetpack Support pages or contact Support.

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