Better Tagging for Increased Traffic

Better Tagging for Increased Traffic

Tags are great for getting more exposure and for finding interesting new blogs to follow.

What interests you? Cooking? Drawing? Photography? Fishing? Travel? No matter your hobby or passion, there is a community of people on who share your interests.

Exploring tags in the Reader is a great way for you to discover great new authors to read and blogs to follow. What’s more, tagging your posts is a great way for the like-minded to find your posts in the Reader and discover your blog.

Tag your posts to attract new readers

While many bloggers write purely for the love of it, it feels great when someone reads your post, clicks on the like button, and takes the time to comment thoughtfully. Tagging your posts helps people to find them in the Reader, increasing the chance that a new visitor stops by to check out your blog.

Tagging is one part art and one part science. Part-time historian Sarah runs A Dollop of History, a delightfully nerdy site dedicated to old recipes and medieval food. In her post, “Braised Tongue with Aspic Jelly, 1885,” she recounts her experience attempting a recipe that’s more than 135 years old!

Sarah’s done an excellent job tagging her post using 13* terms. Some tags are broad, such as “19th century,” “American History,” “Food,” “food history,” “Recipes,” “Sides,” and “Southern.” Others, including “aspic,” “beef tongue,” “gelatin,” “Creole,” “La Cuisine Creole,” and “Louisiana” are more specific. Including a strong range of tags will help attract a wider audience to her site. Here’s some more excellent advice on tagging your posts.

Hashtags work, too

Try tagging your posts using hashtags popular on social media, such as Twitter. For example, #nofilter is a popular hashtag photographers use when sharing photos on Twitter, which denotes a photograph that hasn’t been retouched.

The good news is that you can search hashtags in the Reader, too. Try out nofilter, or the ever-popular selfie.

And now, over to you

Tell us about your experiences in tagging posts: which have you found most effective in attracting new readers? Which tags helped you discover great new blogs? Under which tags are you finding an active community?

*Remember posts tagged with a combination of more than 15 tags and categories are removed from the Reader to ensure that tags contain relevant content. You can use any combination of tags and categories, as long as the total count doesn’t exceed the magic number 15.

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